Guest Information for Edelweiss Saas Almagell

Informatoin for guest staying at Ferienhaus Edelweiss in Saas Almagell. If you have any questions, please sent an email to or call +41 78 638 8334.

Before arrival

  1. Sent an Excel list of all guests to (include Name, First Name, Birth Date). We need this for your Guest Cards (Free Post Bus in the Saas Valley)
  2. If there is still an unpaid amount, please wire this latest 1 week prior to your arrival.
  3. Get your ski-pass if relevant: Ski Pass Website
  4. Plan your journey: View Edelweiss in Google Maps

Arriving at Edelweiss

Enter Edelweiss (no key required) 

Use the restaurant entrance to go in our out of the building. This is the large door in the middle of the property. You do not need a key to enter Edelweiss. Instead, you receive a 6-digit access code that allows access 24/7. The keypad is located at the front door.

To lock the door when leaving you can press the < button on the keypad. Or from the inside you can simply turn the wheel on the device.

Once inside, there will be a set of keys on the bar. These are the keys for the basement door, and the skiroom which can be reached from outside.

Get the house ready

We try to be environmental friendly and for that reason we turn down the radiators, and turn off all electronic devices between stays.

  • When you use the kitchen you can turn on the fridge and freezer in the basement.
  • Turn Up the radiators on several places in the house

During your stay

Taxed garbage bags can be bought at the supermarket and disposed of in the special wooden house between Edelweiss and the Cable Cars.

Compostable garbage can be collected in one of the black containers. Please put them on the side of the road on Sunday evening or when you leave Edelweiss. Whichever one comes first.

Leaving Edelweiss


  • Remove all bed-sheets
    • Put them in the white plastic bags
    • Put the bags in the racks downstairs
  • Turn off all Lights
  • Turn down all Radiators (unless otherwise agreed upon)
  • Dispose the trash
  • Make sure all furniture is how it was
  • Clean the kitchen
  • Turn off the freezer and fridges
  • Lock the basement door
  • Don’t forget your personal belongings 🙂
  • Leave through the front door, and lock (by pressing the back-button (<) on the keypad



Address Edelweiss

Ferienhaus Edelweiss
Furusandstrasse 9,
3905 Saas-Almagell

Phone +41786388334

Google Maps

Single apartments

Looking for smaller apartments instead of an accommodation for large groups?

Have a look at Chalet Tannegg. Our sister chalet in Saas Fee with 5 apartments for up to 4 persons.